Friday, March 04, 2011

winter: a slideshow

I recommend playing the Sleeping At Last song, Snow, while watching this slideshow.


Marilyn said...

Oh my, that was beautiful. I didn't want it to end! The photographs are stunning and the song complimented them so well. I love the phrase in the song "Life without revisions will silence our souls"
Maybe you need to prepare a slide show for each season:)

Cory said...

Wow. Nice work! I'd agree, a seasonal slideshow is in order (at the very least).
Great song choice. Sleeping at Last may continue to provide good slideshow music as they continue pumping out 3 songs a month. I didn't know that you followed those guys!
If you're thinking of spring music there's some good stuff on Jon Foreman's seasonal EPs that came out a couple of years ago. Or "Outlines" from the March EP?!
Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Anika Lacerte said...

Thanks Mom. I think I will be making seasonal slide shows. I like looking at them as a collection.

Cory, you introduced me to Sleeping At Last. At Christmas you played Snow for us and I really liked it. Thanks for the other suggestions, I will check them out.