Wednesday, January 23, 2008

photo walk xxvii

This is from Monday's photo walk around Mill Lake.

I didn't know that ducks have tongues. In one of these pictures, you can see the tongue. I did a google search and confirmed that ducks have tongues, and unfortunately, some people like them steamed.


Anonymous said...

More great pictures! Looks like you are taking advantage of the sun and blue sky these days! Have you tried any shots at night? The moon has been SO bright.


Anika said...

Mom: I haven't tried any nighttime pictures because I don't have a tripod, and I'd definitely need one then. The other morning on my way to work (around 8am) the moon was still visible, and bigger than I've ever seen it. Sometimes I wish my brain was hooked up to my camera so I could take pictures while I drive.

Jerry and Katie said...

ducks do have tongues, and so do geese. I think i felt the tongue of a goose at mill lake when one bit me as i was trying to feed it. i think you were there, i would've been about 3 or 4.