Sunday, November 25, 2007

i love my nephews

The Bargen Brothers were in town this weekend. What is not pictured (and we wished we had a video camera for), was an absolutely hilarious game of Skipbo. Tyler and Riley learned the game Saturday night from Great Grandma and Great Helen. So they tried to teach Uncle Jerry and I. Tyler's (almost 5) rules seemed plausible, but some of Riley's (3 and a half) rules were perhaps not. Riley had us all laughing so hard we were crying, well at least I was. He would tell everyone what cards people picked up and at some point had 12 cards when he was supposed to have only five. His explanations of things were so intense that I'm laughing now just remembering it! (Riley: "The Skipbo card is the most important card in the world!" and "He has a Skipbo card!") The last five pictures show the beach volleyball game in Papa and Nana's living room.


Corinne said...

Thanks for posting that and for playing with the boys this weekend! I'm looking forward to one more sleep in .... and then hugging my boys again!

Cory said...

those pics are rad - i love those kids!! and they love you too

thanks for sharing!

Shari Lau said...

Nephews are AWESOME! ;-)