Sunday, August 26, 2007

photo walk vi

Jonathan has been tying flies for probably a year now. I'm told this specimen is an "olive woolly bugger". The other pictures are from Gardner Park and the garden at Trethewey House, near Mill Lake. I took almost 250 shots today, so I've only included a few here, and a few more on my flickr site.


Kirsten said...

Your pictures are beautiful Anika. Did you take classes, or just learn yourself? I have been tempted to take a course, but I think I need to buy a better camera first. What kind of camera do you use?

Anika said...

Thanks Kirsten! About 5 years ago I took an evening course with UCFV, but at the time I was borrowing my parent's non-digital SLR. (So I wasn't able to practice much of what I learned.) Now I have a Canon Digital Rebel. I bought it used, and it came with two lenses - I think one's 18-55mm and the other 55-300mm. Mine is an older version of the one I've seen at Costco, which I think is a good deal. I'm just figuring out as I go, (and asking my photographer co-worker all the technical questions). If you want to be inspired, and learn more about photography, I would recommend joining a photography club. I was part of the Abbotsford club for while, and found it very inspiring.